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Logical Intelligence

what is logical intelligence? know more about how we use teach logical intelligence to young kids from nursery and preschool. contact us today!

The Nine types of Intelligence

know more about the nine types of intelligence by howard gardner and how we shape kids at toddlers nursery with it! get int touch to know more.

Naturalist Intelligence

discover what is it to be 'nature smart' by reading here about naturalist intelligence. visit us to know how we mould your child's intelligence!

The Big Little Things

enjoy the little things with your children and savour every moment with them. read on about a mother's enjoyable experience with her child!

Spatial Intelligence

understand what it is to be picture smart or have spatial intelligence! read our short blog to know more about the types of intelligence.

Musical Intelligence

be enlightened on what musical intelligence is and what role it plays in a child's growth. know more about child intelligence today. explore now!

Intrapersonal Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence

know more about linguistice intelligence and how it is important in shaping a child's growth. discover the different types of intelligences today!

The Joy of Giving

we encourage children to engage in activities that give back to the community! know about our 'art of giving' events at toddlers.

Sports and Grandparents Day

read on about our sports and grandparents day that was celebrated together on the 5th of december 2016! know the details of our celebrations here!