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A Youthful Zeal - Something to Value

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On Monday, 23rd October at A Estrela, Santa Cruz – Goa, ‘UDANT’ an organization working in the field of HIV/AIDS and related issues, organized a workshop for young minds called ‘Growing up – Positively’; for which I was a keen observer. The purpose was to guide the adolescent girls and boys to learn how to grow up positively and gracefully. Udant has been successfully organizing workshops to educate the youth to channelize their energy and creativity positively and in turn develop them into responsible adults.

The 25 eager participants were led through a series of well thought out activities to bring out the best in them. They opened with an introductory warm up exercise followed by a self-introspection activity called ‘Circles of Life’ which enabled each participant to take a look at the relationships that have great value in their life as compared to those that hardly matter. The underlying factor that is vital for all relationships is trust. The team also tackled various topics such as trust, emotions, communication, discerning right from wrong, bravely facing the uncertain, the looking glass – self image and much more.

The youngsters were thrilled with the fun filled and eventful day and requested the team to have a follow up session soon. This in itself was a note of appreciation by the participants. What caught my attention was the enthusiasm, simplicity and innocence of these youngsters coming together to absorb values that will create resourceful and mindful humans. In the present scenario as adults we need constant reminders of the values we once adopted. Thus as educators, parents and caretakers it is our sole responsibility to mould and prepare the youth for our evolving tomorrow.

Written By -- Vanessa Fernandes (Co-ordinator, Toddlers Nursery Pune)