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The Joy of Giving

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Sharing the experience of giving can be the most rewarding present you can give your child. However, it can be a task to teach children the value of giving in a season/time when they are surrounded by messages about the value of getting. Therefore, we at Toddlers (a preschool since 1983) strive to make learning a fun experience that goes beyond reading and writing. Our philosophy is to create ‘A Happy Child’.

Studies have shown that high quality preschools have a short and long term effect in improving the outcome of a child. Besides, stimulating their curious minds, we at Toddlers believe in inculcating values of sharing, caring and instilling a sense of thoughtfulness, a more communityapproach.

Giving of gifts gives children a sense of self esteem and pride. The course of one’s adult life depends upon what they learn in their childhood. Children are like wet clay, you can mould them in any shape. Moreover, they are quick learners and absorb everything around them with their audio-visual senses. Hence, it is the prime responsibility of educators to imbibe certain moral values in young children. Therefore, Toddlers feel it is imperative, that all preschoolers should join hands and take up this noble task to teach children a few basic values not only as a one-time activity but also as more of an ongoing process.

During the Joy of giving time we at Toddlers, visit orphanages, old age homes and even respond or contribute generously to community needs] every year. This provides an opportunity for children to understand that this small gesture on their part is going to make another person or child extremely happy and grateful to them. Teaching the values of helping those in need in turn strengthens their sense of empathy towards the community.

This article by Toddlers is to promote, encourage and emphasize that all educators should take up this responsibility to engage children in activities that accentuate the joy of giving back to their community.

Written By -- Vanessa Fernandes (Co-ordinator at NIBM Pune Branch)

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