Welcome to Toddlers Nursery

Proudly educating preschoolers since 1983, Toddlers is much more than a school. Our philosophy has always been to create ‘A Happy Child’. We strive to make learning a fun experience that goes beyond reading and writing. We want every child to feel secure, confident and successful. Our classrooms are spacious, well equipped and age appropriate. Our curriculum is research based with results over three decades. We stimulate their curious minds by unique play pedagogy combined with the Montessori technique, integration with Nature as well as an award-winning Phonics curriculum (developed in-house), to develop their language, math, analytical, social and emotional skills.

At Toddlers we believe in inculcating values that build a strong character for life. Our children stand apart from the crowd by being independent, responsible individuals that respect their peers and surroundings. Our children learn to share, wait for their turn and complete a given task as directed. Incorporating yoga and nature as part of the curriculum helps children increase their attention span and focus on a given task. These are essential life skills which when developed at an early age help our children to succeed and excel throughout their life.

Today, with more than 3 decades in the education field, Toddlers Nursery has (five branches in total) three branches in Aurangabad, two in Pune, more than 1200 students, and a dedicated team of teachers and non-teaching staff. Toddlers Nursery has won awards and recognition at national and international conferences for excellence in Faculty Training, Outstanding Curriculum, Green School Infrastructure, Leadership, and Preschool category to name a few. Our vision encompasses not only children, parents, and teachers but the society as a whole.


At Toddlers We Believe

  •       Every child is curious and willing to learn, not all children learn at the same pace and learning can happen at any time
  •       In experiential learning, sensorial stimulation and developmentally appropriate activities
  •            In fostering a secure environment for intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth of a child
  •        In inculcating values of self-respect, respect for others, conserving natural resources and care for our environment
  •             In learning to be independent, sharing, taking turns, making right choices and listening to instructions
  •        In involving our children, parents, teachers and communities in the proper development of the child