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Preschool & Play School in CIDCO

Preschool in CIDCO – Toddlers Nursery, N-3 CIDCO branch is located at 238/B, N-3 CIDCO, Near Hotel Manasi, Aurangabad 431003. This is our Head Office and is our biggest branch with 650+ students, 70+ teachers, 30+ Maushis and 10+ admin staff. Our Main branch sets the tone for the rest of the branches and lives by our motto of “Happy Child”.


Toddlers Nursery, N-3 CIDCO was established in the year 1994 by our Founder & Director Mrs. Insiyyah Husain Rahim when our home branch at Panchakki Road was falling short of the growing strength of students and high demand from parents. The school premises was designed by Architect Siddarth Garrimela, ensuring every classroom and activity area has natural light and ventilation providing an optimal learning environment for our Toddlers. Our N-3 CIDCO branch is upgraded regularly, to meet the increasing demand for admissions in our preschool. The building and classes are bright and inviting ensuring everyone who comes to our preschool feels the positive energy in the school.


As Aurangabad city is growing, parents from N-1 CIDCO, N-2 CIDCO, N-3 CIDCO, N-4 CIDCO, N-7 CIDCO, TV Center, Sindhi Colony, Beed By-Pass find our N-3 CIDCO branch very convenient to bring their children to the best and the biggest preschool of Aurangabad. We also provide pick & drop service to our students through our safe and secure bus facility.


The school is headed by a dynamic team comprising of our Founder & Director Mrs. Insiyyah Husain Rahim, Principal Mrs. Anita Mirashi and Vice Principal Mrs. DeepaRamnani. With their immense experience, passion and enthusiasm to teach young children, they mentor and guide all the teachers, helpers, security guards and admin staff to never settle but continue to upgrade our ways to provide top class education to our preschoolers in a safe, secure and fun environment.


Parents Love Toddlers Nursery, N-3 CIDCO for the Following Reasons –

  • Children love coming to school and love to learn
  • New and latest teaching methods are implemented in the school
  • The curriculum is vast but learning happens without stress and pressure (that is felt in other schools)
  • Parents find a big difference in their children once they start attending our preschool. They become confident and independent learners
  • Our Events are grand and resplendent which gives all the children a platform to perform on stage
  • Parents are involved in many activities like – Storytelling Day, Sports Day, Father’s Day, Elocution, Rhyme & Rhythm Day, Joy Ride to English, X’mas Fun Fair, Toddler Parent Marathon, Annual Day, etc.
  • Children are never compared to each other and their progress is measured based on their own ability and boundaries.
  • In spite of the huge student body, individual attention is given to each and every child.
  • Parents love the positive energy in the school.
  • Parents can approach the teachers, heads and our Director at any time with their concern
  • Security and safety of children is always maintained


Admission is on First Come First Serve Basis. If you are seeking admission for your child, please visit our N-3 CIDCO branch and book your seat at the earliest. Starting January, the seats fill up very quickly at this head office branch.


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